See the main questions about IPTV services. To see the procedure to purchase and activate a box, please go to our store page.
How does it work ?
The IPTV Nüage is a device that connects to your internet network to broadcast music, movies and TV shows directly to your TV. Setup is easy and only takes a few minutes. To access all features, you need a monthly subscription.
What do I need to use the IPTV ?
You need a high speed internet connection. A minimum of 10 mb/s is recommended. The device is built to use a small quantity of internet data. For 3 hours a day of video streaming, so 90 hours per month, around 70GB of internet data will be used. Make sure that your internet package allows you this quantity of data.
Where can I use the device and my subscription ?
Everywhere in the world where you have access to internet.
Is it legal ?
Yes because there is no download. It works like YouTube. The IPTV only streams the available content on the web, so there is no physical copy made.

*Important : All the videos and audio content is streamed from servers that do not belong to us. We are not responsible for those servers. We do not possess nor distribute any video or audio content

Can I record ?
No. As mentioned above, the device only streams channels. Downloading internet content is illegal in Canada unless you bought it or possess it’s rights. However you have access to many channels that allow you to watch rebroadcast and on-demand content.
What payment methods are accepted ?
The easiest way is to use Paypal ou Interac transfer. Instructions are clearly indicated at the checkout. If you have any issue with payment, contact us.
Can I prepay a subscription for several months ?
Yes you can.

For subscriptions at 20$ per month

3 months : 55$
6 months : 110$
12 months : 200$.

For subscriptions at 25$ per month

3 months : 65$
6 months 130$
12 months : 270$

To pay that, contact us with the contact form and ask us for this payment method.

What is the refund policy ?
All sales are final.
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